Breaking down the IB MYP Community Project

Through continual reflection and collaboration, our College is working towards ways to facilitate the IB MYP Community Project for our Year 8 students. After much reflection this past fortnight, we have come up with changes to how we originally engaged students in the Community Project.

Please feel free to use this as a resource for your school and if you wish to have an editable copy of these Google Slides, we are more than happy to share so you can adjust for your context.

Welcome to the IB MYP Community Project

The Community Project Inquiry Cycle

Investigating 1.1

Investigating 1.2

Investigating 1.3

Planning 1.1

Planning 1.2

Planning 1.3

Taking Action 1.1

Taking Action 1.2

Taking Action 1.3

Reflecting 1.1

Reflecting 1.2

Reflecting 1.3

Presenting the Community Project

Enjoy, we at GSLC hope this is a useful tool for the Year 8 students at your school.


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  1. Hi Laura, Thanks for sharing these resources! You’ve broken down the process into manageable chunks for students, and the investigation process supports learning how to inquire deeply. My school is just beginning to explore how service learning will look like in our context, and we would really appreciate if you could share the editable slides. Shall I send you an email address in a Twitter DM?


  2. Thank you for sharing. Would you mind sharing the slides? Do you print a handbook for the students or do all online?
    Thank you!


  3. Hi Laura

    Would you be able to email me a copy of your slides please as I’m part of .a team at my school looking to implement the community project.

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    1. Hi Sam, if you just click on the actual Google Slide and go to File > Save a Copy, you can make copies and modify as necessary ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best with the Community Project – it is fantastic!


  4. Hi Laura, our school is in the process of applying for MYP candidacy. We are currently a PYP and an IB school. I’m a year 8 teacher and have been asked to start planning the community project and LOVE your resources. How much teaching time is scheduled for the community project? Do you run it as a separate subject or is it integrated? Thanks Carmen


    1. Hi Carmen, thrilled to be of help! All we do is run small 45 minutes per week of skills for the community project integrated with our Christian Studies program and students do everything else outside of school. For the taking action part this happens the mid year break. Presentations are held in the CS class time and then students host an exhibition for the community. So itโ€™s just the skills in class and the transfer and application happens outside of school time.


  5. Hi Laura,

    Thank you so much for putting together these awesome resources. I see them as being quite helpful, for myself and my students. Do you mind if I make copies of these?

    Thank you.



  6. Hello –
    So very grateful that you’ve shared this!
    At your school, do the students have time in class to work through these steps? If so, may I ask how much time they are given to move through the entire process? And, in which class do they do the work?



    1. Hi Karen, happy to help! The students have a RE lesson per week where they simply explore and have the various steps modelled. Everything else is outside of school and the Taking Action happens over the mid-year holidays and involves parents/carers too.


  7. Hi Laura! My school has just had it’s consultation visit for MYP and we will be going for authorization this spring. We have decided to do the Community project. This information is amazing. Could I have an editable version of the information? Thank you so much,



      1. Thank you so much, is it ok if we alter and use some of these for presentations we are having to get our community project started? Will definitely give you credit in our presentations.


  8. Hi Laura,

    May I have permission to use your slides this school year? This will be my first year teaching students about the Community Project. They are great and very helpful.


    1. Hi LaToya, you are more than welcome to use these and no credit is necessary. You should be able to make a copy of the slides and use as necessary. Iโ€™ve also co-authored Skills for Success: MYP Community Project – this will be very helpful too ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Hello Laura, what an amazing resource. As a newly authorized IB World School, we are looking for a jumping off point to begin our community project. Would you please share these editable slides with me?

    Thank you so much!


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