GSLC approach to the Personal Project

Please be advised that this post refers to the old Personal Project and is not to be used for the updated Personal Project.

For more support on how to implement the new Personal Project we have written a 2nd Edition Hodder Skills for Success: Personal Project book. You can find it on the Hodder Education webpage (eBook included), Amazon and Book Depository.


Our Year 10 MYP team have updated our approach to the MYP Personal Project over these holidays in order to help our Year 10’s independently navigate their way through the IB MYP Personal Project. If you have used our approach prior, it is very similar, with just some slight adjustments and transitioning this to Google Slides so we can share these documents with students via Google Drive.

Please feel free to use this as a resource for your school and if you wish to have an editable copy of these Google Slides, we are more than happy to share so you can adjust for your context.

Welcome to the IB MYP Personal Project

The Personal Project Inquiry Cycle

Personal Project Supervisors

Investigating 1.1

Investigating 1.2

Investigating 1.3

Planning 1.1

Planning 1.2

Planning 1.3

Taking Action 1.1

Taking Action 1.2

Taking Action 1.3

Reflecting 1.1

Reflecting 1.2

Reflecting 1.3

Personal Project Report

Enjoy, we at GSLC hope this is a useful tool for the Year 10 students in your school.

20 thoughts on “GSLC approach to the Personal Project

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  1. Hi Laura
    very kind of yours for sharing this material. We will check it out and use it with our students at Casuarinas International College, in Lima Peru. For further exchanges or collaboration related to personal Project, please feel free to contact us


  2. Hi Laura,
    This work is amazing- clear and easily understood by the students. Would you mind sharing an editable copy with me, please? I am the MYP Coordinator at Ermitage International School of France and would love to adapt this for my students.
    Thanks again for this great resource
    Margaret Peyrard


  3. Dear Laura,
    I remember when I came across your first model for the IB MYP Personal Project, and I automatically saw the heart and soul deposited into it. Now that I see this, I can firmly say that you continue to up the game all the time!!!
    I am currently collaborating with our MYP graduates to put together a Personal Project camp. When I showed them your resources, there was light in their eyes. I wish you had seen that.
    Bottom line is your resources will be key in our student-led personal project camp next year, and I want to thank you for that, Personal Project Extraordinaire.
    Mil Gracias.


    1. Thank you Rafael – after an horrendous day that is going to require red wine to help with the bounce back, this is such a lovely note to read. We are so thrilled to be able to help other schools. Our students are doing really well with this model – it has been a great reiterate for us.


  4. HI Laura. I have been looking through your work on the Personal Project all day and ha e just been looking through the presentations you have developed to support students being able to work through the project with greater independence. I was wondering whether it might be possible for you to give me access to editible versions of these for use with the students at my school in Italy? Thanks! Lucio


    1. Hi Lucio, glad to be of help. If you look at A recent post – Caring Practitioners there is an undated guide with Google Slides that you can copy – you are more than welcome to use these. No credit necessary. 🙂


      1. Hi Laura. Sorry to be a pain but how can I copy the Google Slides presentations? I have tried a few ways but with no luck. Thanks! Lucio


  5. Dear Laura,

    Thank you for the amazing work. Can you please provide access to the editable link so that I can use it for my PP students.




  6. Hi Laura,
    I am teacher librarian from India and I am new to MYP . I was going through your blog and was very impressed as how you have explained the personal project in detailed steps . There are quite a few changes and developments in the new Personal project guide . I was wondering and i am looking forward as when will update your blog with the new changes.


    1. Hi! I actually won’t be updating the blog, as we have written the 2nd Edition book for the new Personal Project. It will be released on August 27th and is titled MYP 4&5 Skills for Success: Personal Project. We hope it is truly a blessing to you all.


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