Teachers as stepping stones

As teachers within the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate we are given the challenge to strive to be the attributes of the IB Learner Profile alongside our students. We are encouraged to model these characteristics in our classrooms. This year I set a challenge for myself to take greater risks as I continue... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Scribble Planner

Initial planning for inquiry … Inquiry-based learning and collaboration are two of the fundamental non-negotiable elements of planning, teaching and assessing within the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. MYP From Principles into practice and each subject guide provide the philosophical and well-researched reasons for the push for inquiry-based learning and collaboration. To provide a foundational... Continue Reading →

The benefit of a good inquiry “hook”

This year we sought to peel away curriculum clutter and refocus on what is key for our students to learn in order to prioritise first and foremost our development as inquiry teachers who foster and encourage the inquiring minds of our students. As a College we adopted the Kath Murdoch inquiry cycle as this allowed... Continue Reading →

A step-by-step guide to the MYP Personal Project

Updated step-by-step guide to completing the MYP Personal Project.

The Heart, Head, and Hands of Learning

Welcome to the Personal Project!

  • To effectively complete your personal project you need to follow each step listed on this webpage. To help you understand each section of the personal project Inquiry cycle there are five 10-minute videos to watch that will provide extra guidance. We recommend you read the steps under each heading and then watch the videos to reinforce what you have read.
  • At each step of the personal project there is a .pdf exemplar for you from a previous Good Shepherd Lutheran College student that can help you structure your own process journal. See the hyperlink at the beginning of each objective.(Disclaimer: this is not an example of an excellent personal project, but rather a simple guide for you to follow as you complete your own personal project.)
  • Before you embark on the personal project journey ensure you have a process journal that suits your preferred…

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